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We have a strong track record of performance in growing small businesses into large and medium sized businesses and in improving the performance of divisions of large corporations. We help clients reach and exceed their goals by developing and implementing marketing strategies and public relations campaigns to effect growth, increase revenue and profits and achieve a superior return on investment.

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Small Business Internet Marketing Services

Can anyone find your company on the Internet if they don't know your company name?

"I cannot buy from you until I know you exist."
Wes Zimmerman, The Perception of a Difference

If your company website, products and services cannot be found using product, service or industry related search terms, you do not exist. No one can buy from you if when they are searching on the common Internet search engines they do not find your site.

Most small business marketing managers and small business owners find that our SME4 - Mega Tune-Up is an exceptional way to get their small business website marketing campaign started or augment an existing campaign.

For companies with small marketing budgets, we recommend this package as a starting point to begin increasing leads, sales, revenues and profits so that they can afford to increase their marketing budget in order to compete with major corporations and their multi-billion dollar advertising campaigns. Read more »

Professional Help

Does your website need professional help?

To determine how well your company website is found in search engines, perform the following searches:

1. Search for the company name on all three major search engines. (Google, Yahoo and MSN are the only search engines that provide meaningful levels of traffic.)

2. Search for the name of the company principals on all three major search engines.

3. Search for the company's main products and services and industries on all three major search engines.

Are they listed on the first page (top 10) of results? Are there any negative references to the company in the first 30 results for those search terms? Can your website be found for relevent terms ordinary people use to find your products and services?

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